Cemetery Celebrations

La Calaca Festival

The Skeleton Festival this weekend in San Miguel de Allende for Day of the Dead plus parties in the cemetery.

Earth Harp

The Earth Harp is the world’s largest stringed instrument with strings up to 1000 feet. The harp utilizes pre-existing architecture to transform the surroundings into a musical experience. During La Calaca, nightly performances of the Earth Harp at sunset will fill the streets of San Miguel with harmony and vibration. Performance times in the Jardin Principal:

Thursday Nov 1: 8:30 pm
Friday Nov 2: 10:30am & 8:00 pm
Sat Nov 3: 7:00 pm

What’s cool in San Miguel de Allende this weekend:

La Calaca Festival Nov. 1 – 4

What’s cool in Aspen this weekend:

AEF’s Flamingo-a-Go-Go Nov. 2

What’s cool in Santa Fe this weekend:

Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Nov. 2 – 4

Stay Cool!



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